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I chose my profession because I couldn’t watch my grandma suffer. Ever since I was little I wanted to make a difference in the health care world so her stomach would stop hurting. 

I graduated from Long Island University where I received a pharmacy degree. I was certified as a Geriatric Consultant Pharmacist. Later, I got certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I also got certified as a Level 1 PureBioenergy Therapist. Now, almost 20 years as a pharmacist I am back in school pursuing Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree (expected to graduate in 2017).


My healing journey:

Originally, in the year 2000, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. When I had my second kid my symptoms came back with a vengeance. The diagnosis was now Crohn's disease and the symptoms were so severe that I felt completely debilitated.

The initial diagnosis of Crohn’s disease came as a dark cloud over my head.  During my years in school I thought that this condition was something so horrible. My professors would explain that there was no return to normal with Crohn's disease. It’s an autoimmune disorder and there is no cure to this day. I had days when I was in so much pain and despair that I didn’t believe I would recover.

So here I was, a health care professional who wanted to change the world and help grandma with her stomach problems now sick with Crohn’s myself. When I was starting to learn about healing options my husband brought me Jordan Rubin’s book and I started to believe that I too could get better.

Lots of people inspired me to fight, never give up and to keep on searching. From day one of my diagnosis my husband started searching for more and more options for Crohn’s. My dad went to working on my healing through prayer. We were all positive that I would be fine. It gave me strength. I went for it and while experimenting with different modalities I realized what I wanted to do next. 

I feel passionate about body’s natural ability to heal. It’s an amazing feeling to know you helped someone get back their energy, improve their digestion, increase their sexual drive and simply help them feel good in their skin.

I have great communication skills, compassion, empathy and great knowledge. This always works for the patient’s benefit.

You can’t stop me when I begin talking about natural gut health, natural ways to detoxify, functional approach to gut related issues and female hormone balancing.

When I decided to start this wellness coaching practice it made me feel like the sun was shining brighter. I was so thrilled sharing my knowledge and helping others.

I read new and old medical literature and studies from the US and Europe all the time. I am ALWAYS searching for better ways to heal the body and the mind. Maintaining mind body harmony is very important for healing. I enjoy working with women patients and Crohn's patients. It brings me so much satisfaction every time I can help.

I believe we deserve great physical health!


Real Health Solutions, LLC is a wellness coaching practice. Our practice infuses a blend of Functional Medicine, safe Lymphatic Detox and PureBioEnergy.

Inna Lukyanovsky, RPh practices Functional Medicine and is certified Kalish practitioner.

We also incorporate PureBioenergy Healing. Russell Lukyanovsky, RPh is a certified PureBioEnergy therapist (using PureBioenergy method).

We recently added Safe Lymphatic Detox using LET technology, which makes our program VERY successful. Kristin Zielinski is our trained LET specialist.

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Office Hours

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Real Health Solutions
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You may contact us for an initial consultation. The initial consultation fee is $249 (about 45 minutes to 1 hour). Should you become our client, we will schedule the next phone or Skype consultations. At that time we will also send you take home lab testing personalized for your condition. This is very convenient because its done in the privacy of your own home, no extra trips required. After the results are in, we will discuss the Functional wellness protocol customized just for you. You also get prompt email support from our Functional medicine practitioners.