RHS 4 week Quick Fix Body Recharge




Do you find yourself depleted and tired each spring?

Have you tried different detoxes and diets before summer?

Are you more forgetful and spacey this time of the year?

Do you have bloating or other GI symptoms?



We are presenting Week One of the Quick Fix Body Recharge. It will be EASY and FUN! And more fun when we do it together as a group.




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I will be answering your general questions on Facebook under the weekly video posts starting April 11th for 4 weeks. There will also be poll questions, so don’t be shy to share with others. It can help so many people.

If your situation requires an individual approach, schedule your initial consultation here:


Or call the office 732-414-6223 or 800-557-8039 to schedule a free mini-consult with Inna (up to 15 minutes).

Our Special for April/May: 4 Days of Pure BioEnergy is $220, regular $300.


With Endless Gratitude For Your Love and Trust,

RHS Team 


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