Alternative Crohn’s disease treatment options with Functional medicine

Crohn’s and Colitis Solutions with Functional Medicine.

“Alternative Crohns Disease Treatment?” This was the first thing that came to my husband's mind when I was diagnosed. He wanted me to try alternative/holistic ways. I wasn't that open to "alternative" anything back then. Little did I know...

I know how tough it may be living with Crohn’s. I understand it from my experience. The best part is that you can recover and reclaim your health as soon as you are ready for it.

I want you to understand that alternative Crohn’s and colitis treatment should not be just a product that you have heard about on Facebook. Chances are, it was not well researched. I saw products recommended on some blogs that were plain scary. And people are promoting them on social media. Just be reasonable when see those.

On the other hand, don’t get intimidated with your doctor saying that no alternative Crohn’s and colitis option will work.

Most doctors still follow traditional route and it’s great. If you have an emergency case, severe pain, symptoms of stomach cancers you should run to the doctor. Otherwise, learn about other great methods, that can surely be used along with traditional approach.

So, what are your options:

  1. There are homeopathic preps, Yoga, hypnotherapy and deep breathing therapy. All these will work for most patients to a certain extent and in combination; it would be best to be guided through all those by a health expert.
  2. If you are lucky enough to find a great licensed acupuncture practitioner-you have very good chances to get better with or without traditional medications. But acupuncture alone may not be enough for many Crohn's or colitis patients.
  3. There’s a promising alternative Crohn’s treatment with low dose naltrexone. It has some great studies supporting positive effects on Crohn’s disease.
  4. Also, there is medical marijuana for Crohn’s disease. In some states it’s legal now.
  5. Marijuana may have a temporary positive effect on the pain and the mood but when it comes to serious, positive health change for a Crohn's and colitis patient that’s where I don’t see great evidence based data. It's not for everyone.
  6. There is a such a thing as colonics procedure. If this really worked for you, wonderful. But many patients experience pain during and after the procedure, not to mention overdoing this can cause serious gut flora imbalance.
  7. There is also “so called” water fast for Crohn’s disease or colitis. Definitely not for everyone.
  8. There are methods using parasites to recolonize gut flora. Thankfully, that is losing its popularity. Can be so unsafe.

What would really work for Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, reflux?

Proven to work Functional medicine method shows great results. You should be able to get less and less symptoms as the result of your guided wellness plan, and IT REALLY WORKS. In Functional medicine we address adrenal health, digestive system and detox. And eventually you should be SYMPTOM FREE!

Functional medicine method is analysis based and simple enough. It should be a step by step process.

Functional medicine looks for the root causes of Crohn’s and colitis. And quite often those are overlooked. Finding that root cause sometimes is like finding the key to healing!




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