Kalish Method


Functional Medicine practitioner and one of the pioneers, Dr. Daniel Kalish is extremely skilled with many, many years of experience in the field of this great modality. Dr. Kalish worked with several thousand patients over the years. He developed a very effective systemic approach to Functional Medicine practice.

Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky, PharmD has been certified as a Kalish Method practitioner, having completed a rigorous year-long training program with Dr. Kalish himeslf. Dr. Inna uses the Kalish Method as his primary approach to Functional Medicine because of its repeatable results.

The Kalish method focuses primarily on three body systems:
The adrenal/hormonal/endocrine system
The gastrointestinal or digestive system
The detoxification (liver, kidney, cells, etc.) and metabolic system



Adrenal health is extremely important. It’s the basics of immune system health, hormonal health, endocrine health and much, much more. When adrenal output is corrected patients experience more energy, better sleep, better sex drive, improved digestion, and weight loss, less sugar cravings, less PMS symptoms, improved skin conditions, and so much more.

One of the areas we also focus on has to do with testing and assisting with removal of H. pylori and different types of parasites from the stomach and intestinal system. Because of the relationship between H. pylori and an increased risk for the development of stomach cancer, it is really important to properly test for this type of bacteria and take appropriate measures to help the body rid itself of the infection. The same goes for getting rid of the parasites. Many chronic conditions give in when the parasites are cleared out of the body.

FunctionalMedicine02Detoxification part of the program is also very important. At this time we would evaluate different excreting parts of the body. We also look for different markers from the urine test results that we receive. Those markers can tell us a whole story about your health. It’s a fantastic way to get well with such clear cut program.

The new case studies you can find in our blog.

Using Kalish Method protocols, here in Real Health Solutions, LLC we successfully repaired gut/digestive problems, fixed hormonal cycles, reversed chronic fatigue syndrome, reversed fibromyalgia, helped Crohn’s disease patients, helped IBS, IBD, colitis patients, helped with autoimmune skin conditions, helped with eczema, helped teenagers with stomach problems, got rid of PMS symptoms, got rid of menopausal symptoms, helped rebuild adrenal health of burnt out athletes and much more.

The method is simple to follow and really structured.

Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky, PharmD practices this method here in Marlboro, NJ and virtually or over the phone. We work with patients all over the map of the US and beyond.

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