Chronic IBD patients often struggle for years to find relief. There's a different route.

This book is for the chronic patient looking for more than just the traditional approach to managing and eliminating Crohn's or colitis symptoms. It's about complementary and functional methods for handling IBD, rethinking healing, finally becoming an empowered patient, and learning to invite yourself to your own healing party. This book is an essential for the Crohn's or colitis patient who wants to live symptom-free, inflammation-free, energized, and on a road to a stable remission.

This book reveals all the answers I discovered as a Crohn's patient and Doctor of Pharmacy through years of working with Crohn's and colitis clients who wanted a more holistic emphasis to their IBD treatment. My own functional medicine approach to Crohn's took me to full remission.

In this book you'll learn:
If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired with IBD, Crohn's and Colitis Fix will be your refreshing getaway.
Inna is a passionate healer that has revealed her personal journey to heal her own IBD. Through her journey Inna explains how she was able to improve her body's ability to heal itself, though very simple and specific diet modifications, tests and unique treatments and supplements. Essentially, this can become your IBD how-to-heal support guide! Surely, this is a must read for anyone looking for options on their IBD healing journey.

Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D., CNS
Crohn's and Colitis Fix is an essential book for anyone with IBDs who wants to feel better and understand the complexity of the illness. Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky has created a clear 10-week program that incorporates her knowledge as a Doctor of Pharmacy, experience of a Crohn's patient in full remission and an expertise in Functional Medicine. Dr. Inna presents such a comprehensive, complementary style medicine guide to IBDs which involves so much more than the traditional approach.

Mark Hyman, MD Ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine Founder and Director, The UltraWellness Center
Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky is such important asset in getting great gut health. Smart gut microbiome support is a staple for thyroid warriors as much as thyroid support is often necessary for patients with inflammatory bowels. Both autoimmune conditions have many things in common and Hashimoto's protocol is also very involved with lifestyle interventions. This book will surely be a classic for lifestyle changes in Crohn's and colitis.

Izabella Wentz, PharmD Author Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause and Hashimoto's Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back.
Crohn's and Colitis Fix by my good friend and colleague of many years, Inna Lukyanovsky, is an excellent resource for people suffering with digestive disorders who want to better understand the underlying causes of chronic GI problems. Her work in this area for the past many years has culminated in this ten-week program that provides clear guidelines for assessment and treatment options using a functional medicine approach to all-toocommon digestive problems suffered by millions of people worldwide. As my twenty-five years of practice have unfolded I have seen more and more severe cases of Crohn's and colitis coming into the clinic, with people suffering from ever more extreme food reactions and food allergies, gluten-related problems, and the like. We are clearly becoming sicker and more stressed and the elusive goal of optimum health seems out of range to many people. I believe Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky's book creates an opening, an opportunity for people who have been all but given up on by conventional medicine to begin to piece back together their health puzzle and restore their basic body systems to a healthy status, using hormone balancing, GI improvements, and learning how nutrients and detoxification play an integrated role in recovery from chronic illnesses. Please do yourself a favor and dive into this book and begin to unravel your specific health concerns using a functional medicine approach.

Yours in Health,
Daniel Kalish, Founder of Kalish Wellness, Functional Medicine Pioneer, Founder of Kalish Institute and Author of The Kalish Method: Healing the Body, Mapping the Mind.