10 Tips To Avoid Overindulging This Holiday Season.


We all know that stuffing that tummy is not a good idea for our digestive health and our immune system health. We all know it, but most of us all tend to do it during this time of the year.


We came up with 10 tips to help you improve your eating habits during this wonderful holiday season:





Eat your breakfast AND lunch before you go for a big dinner.
You will definitely eat less and will be less hungry if you have steady sugar levels throughout the day.


Eat slowly and wait at least 20 minutes before you go for seconds.
If you wait for at least 20 minutes you most likely will NOT feel hungry anymore and you will definitely have more control over your cravings.


Tip #3
Indulge wisely!
If you choose to eat something “not good for you”, make sure it is something you really love, and it’s something you only allow yourself this time of the year like mashed potatoes, chocolate cakes, cookies or other scrumptious goodies.


Don’t eat to please others!
Especially in some cultures you may offend the host by not eating a lot or by not eating something special that they made. Remember, you are going to eat this year something “bad” only if you really want it and be Ok with it! The mind-body connection will be there to support you!

Keep the alcoholic drinks to a minimum.
This one is a must. Overdoing with alcohol can have long term inflammatory problems and if you choose one drink get a glass of red wine over eggnog.


Drink, drink, drink and hydrate with good quality water.
Make sure you hydrate well before the dinner since overeating can lead to constipation, but if you are hydrated enough you should not have a big problem with constipation the next day. Also, pre-hydrating works well when you consume alcohol to prevent further dehydration from it.


If you are at the party stay away from the food table.
Choose to have a conversation that is far enough from the food table to avoid mindless eating.


Consider changing your whole holiday eating mindset.
If you consciously intend to eat healthy during this holiday season, you will. But if you know you may cheat, you will cheat.


Serve yourself!
When you serve yourself you most likely get less food onto your plate and will save yourself from those extra calories.


Fake your sensation of fullness.
Try to load up on the green salads and raw greens. These will fill you up and also improve the digestion process.



The wellness programs we recommend to our patients are very personalized and a lot of our patients use blood sugar support supplements and/or enzymes at some point of the program. This helps them a lot in dealing with the holiday eating habits and the temptations. We also offer a variety of wellness services like Lymphatic Detox/Drainage (LET-Lymphatic Enhancement Technology).


If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss your health and wellness and how Functional medicine can benefit you, give us a call 732-414-6223 or 800-557-8039


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