Case Study - Bulging Cyst on Wrist

September 9th, 2013

35 year old male came in with a complaint of pain. The pain was in the wrists and mostly related to his occupation. Pain medications were involved that caused stomach upset and heartburn.


The pain was also preventing movements in the wrists. There was a bulging cyst on the left wrist. Functional diagnostic testing kits were given out to send to the lab and BioEnergy healing therapy sessions were recommended and started immediately.


Day 1 of BioEnergy Therapy:
Pain was substantially improved and there was increased mobility of wrists and hands. Another wonderful thing that the patient expressed was how much better he slept that night.


Day 2 of BioEnergy Therapy:
Pain level had reduced by 50%. The Cyst had decreased in size by 25%. Patient's mood and out look is much better as well since the pain is so much less.


Day 3 of BioEnergy Therapy:
Pain level had reduced by 75%. The Cyst had decreased in size by 50%. The pain medication is no longer needed.


Day 4 of BioEnergy Therapy:
The pain is virtually gone. Cyst is hardly visible. Mobility to the wrist has been restored. Stomach pain is gone.

After reviewing the results of Functional diagnostic tests it was discovered that the patient also had gut infection. Adrenal repair was recommended and applied. Gut cleansing with herbals took 60 days. Detox protocol was given to the patient after receiving the results of organic metabolic testing.


The program took 6 months in total. He is doing so well, and has said that his energy level is 10 from a 0 to 10 scale. He has not felt this good in the past 10 years.



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