Case Study - Chronic Headache/Migraine Relief.

August 12th, 2013

Chronic headache young patient 18 years old came with primary complaint of a headache. Secondary complaint no energy.


Functional medicine protocols were applied after getting results from these fantastic diagnostic labs.


Adrenals were almost shot in such a young woman. So first step was to repair adrenals. Them we corrected her menstrual cycle with plant derived supplements. Headaches less by 30-40%.


Then we received gut testing and the patient had to do two month of gut cleansing for parasites. Headaches better by 50%.


Detoxification part of the program improved her energy levels to 8 on the scale 0-10 from 1 or 2.


The last supplement combination was correction of neurotransmitters that usually help with gut and/or headaches. Headache down by 80%.


Her case is a great example how this practice could be complementary to other modalities when other practitioners could easily miss something like in this case.


No more headaches, energy level is high and as a bonus no more PMS!


The total was 6 months of wellness plan


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