Case Study - H Pylori

October 21st, 2013

Recently, I began working with GK, a 31 year old female with a demanding job in real estate and three kids. She had two main complaints. She was exhausted, extremely moody, and was vomiting often.


We started with adrenal and stool tests. Once I got the results it was evident that this young lady had advanced adrenal fatigue. We started looking into her stressors, which happened to be: dietary, relationship, work related. We also found a gastrointestinal pathogen called H Pylori (helicobacter pylori).



H pylori is alow-grade chronic problem. H pylori tends to lurk and cause symptoms like nausea, fatigue, heartburn and indigestion. It also inhibits the body's natural ability to breakdown protein, which results in amino acid deficiency. That in turn can causes problems with hormones, neurotransmitters issues, muscle building, liver detoxification, mood disorders and others


Obvious digestive symptoms appear only in about half the cases. Other symptoms may not be so obvious. Even depression or prostate problems can be a result of H Pylori.


H Pylori is also associated in some autoimmune cases since it causes chronic inflammation. It is also associated with cardiovascular disease inflammation, CRP elevation , homocysteine and could lead to a heart attacks.


We looked at her diet that she considered very healthy. She used to eat soy bars, wheat cereals, lots of tofu and edemame. She used to drink soy milk and sport drinks for hydration. She was very surprised to find out that those were not great choice for her. We also tested her for soy which turned out to be a food allergen for her as well as corn and dairy.


She has been free of gluten, soy, corn and dairy, so the first big stressor was addressed. We also put her on adrenal support supplementation and meditation helped with the other stressors.



The vomiting symptoms were classic for H Pylori. We anticipated that result before we even got it back. The fantastic lab company we use confirmed the HPylori. She spoke withher medical doctor and expressed that she did not want to use antibiotics, rather she would prefer to use herbal alternatives. Under her medical doctor's care we worked on an herbal protocol for her HPylori. It worked very well, after the first two weeks she felt at least 25 percent better. After few more weeks she was feeling more energized and there was no more vomiting.


GK also started doing nightly breathing exercises, which was helpful to deal with her 3 boys. A new sleep routine was discussed and agreed upon. She was now going to sleep at the same time each day and getting up at the same time every morning. Previously, she went to sleep very late and she used to go back to sleep after sending the kids to school for what’s called the ”junk sleep” telling me that she was that exhausted.


At the next appointment she came in looking like a different person. She was done at that point with herbal treatment for HPylori, we retested her and the lab found that she was clear of the pathogen.  


The last part of the program was to do a science based and individualized detox. Her energy level is now through the roof. She is now participating in her younger child’s school as a class mom, still works at the real estate but with better hours and as she says herself: ”Happy Mom, Happy Kids”. Her husband also noticed that she didn’t have any of those mood swings anymore.

I’m really glad to share this case with you and happy to be a big part in her healing!



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