Case Study - Intestinal Inflammation

August 5th, 2013

12 year old boy with severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting and low grade fever for 2 days comes back from the hospital where he didn’t get precise diagnosis.


After the initial testing in the hospital, after CAT scan they told him that there’s an intestinal inflammation with possibility of Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or IBS.

The family was told it’s a long recovery for him. They were away and didn’t have immediate access to the doctor’s office.


His family approached me for help. He was asked all the initial patient questions and adrenal stress assessment was done.


There were a lot of nutritional recommendations and changes.


Three tests were done for him (saliva, stool and urine) and while we still wait for the functional diagnostic testing results I performed Bioenergy Domancic method with 4 days treatment.


Pain level before doing Bioenergy was 9 on the scale 0-10. This boy started having grey hair from constant pain. Diarrhea at least 12 times daily. Severe gas cramping. Can’t get up from the bed.


Extremely tired. Can’t eat.


After day 1 of Bioenergy:
Diarrhea 2 times to the bathroom, No more vomiting, Pain went down to 2. Cramping almost gone.

After day 2 of Bioenergy:
Diarrhea gone. Pain level 1. Cramping and gassiness gone.

After day 3 of Bioenergy:
Normal stool. Pain level 0. Appetite returns. Slept through the night.

After day 4 of Bioenergy:
Appetite normal, Stool normal, Energy level normal.


The boy got his life back.


Functional medicine protocols will be implented and I'll update with the progress.


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