Do I Stop Taking Vitamin D In The Summer?

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We are starting our Q/A with the most popular question of the month:
    Do I stop taking vitamin D in the summer?

Vitamin is important for bone health, endocrine health, hormone health and prevention of many chronic conditions. Vitamin D was even studied as adjunctive supplement for chronic pain. Also, vitamin D has other benefits like:
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decrease of inflammation.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decreased flare ups of many chronic conditions like Crohn’s disease and others.
  • Vitamin D benefits include the ability to fight the common cold and flu.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decreased duration of common colds.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels show improvements in cognition in the elderly.
  • Optimal vitamin D level benefits include reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis, preterm labor or birth defects.
  • Some expert notice great benefits of vitamin D in decreasing chronic pain.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels have been shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis in women.
  • Vitamin D can help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms, and possibly reduce hospitalizations due to asthma.
  • Other great benefits of vitamin D include the abilities of this vitamin to protect the body against radiation.


 According to these vitamin D guidelines: Vitamin D self-administration related adverse effects, such as hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria are rare, and usually result from taking extremely high doses of vitamin D for a prolonged time.
While natural sources of vitamin D can increase blood concentration, relative to diet and nutrition of an individual and latitude of residence, compared to general population, diet and sunlight directly are regarded ineffective to maintain the year-round optimal vitamin D blood concentrations.
You can calculate your altitude on this site:
Insert the name of your hometown and your state to check the altitude. If your town isn’t available, insert nearby big town into the town search. Look for altitude above 50 to make enough UVB rays to make vitamin D; and if it's less, you not getting much of it.
Choose vit D3 over vit D2, as your better option for vitamin D supplement, according to some literature including this one:
Your best bet would be testing vitamin D levels periodically, taking it with vit K1, K2, Magnesium and Calcium for best absorption, if there are no interactions or contraindications to those.
Always, consult with your health care practitioner if you are considering starting this beneficial hormone/vitamin.  If you are taking vitamin D, consider going for optimal levels of at least 50ng/ml and continue yearlong unless your doctor recommends stopping.
Our most recommended vitamin D supplements are:
Liquid: EmulsiD/K
Capsules: Vitamin D complex
Liquid for those on blood thinners (without vitamin K):  Hi-Pro EmulsiD
You can order these quality supplements from this site:


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