Health prep- School Prep for new school year 2017


It’s that time of the year. Kids are returning to school after a summer of fun. You are back to your regular routine with added stress of school prep.


What does this mean to your health?

Health Prep at the time of School Prep is really most important priority for the kids and YOU! Prevent vitamin deficiency, manage and address the stress and consider light fall detox to stay HEALTHY for new school year. We provide perfect guidance to stay healthy!


1. Replenish with healthy vitamins and nutrients.
The A,B, C and D’s of replenishing:


Theoretically, you should have added a great amount of vitamins and nutrients in your diet since the beginning of summer by eating lots of veggies, berries and fruit.


In reality, most of the veggies you consumed were your potatoes in the form of French fries alongside lots and lots of barbequed meats which you couldn’t resist weekend after weekend. In addition to the great taste of barbeque, you consumed tons of carcinogens trapped in those grilled meats.


By now, your detoxification organs, like your liver and kidneys are begging for some loving. So, replenish now! Get a professional to help you with it. It’s worth it!


Vitamin A is responsible for eye health, bone health, immune system health, skin health and it’s a powerful antioxidant. It’s found in many foods like dark leafy veggies, sweet potatoes and carrots. If you notice some changes in your skin, if you experience fatigue, have acne or other immune related problems you may be deficient in vitamin A.


B vitamins are found in lentils, some veggies, liver, seafood and other foods. B vitamins are very important for the immune system, nervous system, metabolism, and skin and muscle health. If you lack energy, are nervousness, have female hormone imbalance, or have tingling in your fingers -- you may be deficient in certain or all b vitamins. Many, if not most, people that are 45 years and older have some type of B vitamin deficiency. The good news is that it’s simple to check for and simple to correct.


Vitamin C is the king of the immune system boosters. It’s responsible for a healthy immune system response, eye health, heart health, it fights against common colds and is a very powerful antioxidant. And, antioxidants prevent cancers. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, kiwi, grapefruit, rosehip, parsley, broccoli and other foods. If you have recurrent sinus problems, chronic colds and fatigue you may need larger doses of vitamin C than obtained from foods.


Vitamin D has been the most talked about vitamin in the past few years. Vitamin D is responsible for many important health functions like heart health, skin and hair health, immune system health and it plays a role in weight management. It also improves mental sharpness.


Recent studies have shown one thing in common in all cancer patients, and that is that they all have low vitamin D levels. You can find vitamin D sources in foods like mackerel and sardines but most important source of vitamin D is sunlight. It’s simple to test for vitamin D deficiency and it’s simple to replenish with the right kind of supplements.


Theoretically, this is the time to get your vitamin D levels high enough to maintain great physical health. In reality, most people put on sunscreen and don’t get a chance to absorb vitamin D. For those that don’t use sunscreen, don’t get out much and just work and work all summer -- this doesn’t apply. And then there are those who do it the right way: get some great 15-20 minutes of sun bathing with no sun protection and the right amount of exposed body areas….and they still can’t get the sufficient amount of that life important vitamin D. “Why?” you may ask. The reason is that they are too toxic and too stressed out to be able to absorb it. So, this leaves a small portion of people this summer which will get out in the sun between the hours of 8am-10:30am or 4pm-5pm, depending on where you live, exposing enough skin for sunlight absorption, and be able to utilize this great hormone regulating vitamin. I hope this person is going to be you!


Don’t forget to periodically check your vitamin D levels; you need to keep them at optimum levels.




2. Addressing stress.


Now with school starting and the season changing we have some stress management to deal with. Coping with stress requires the right tools and techniques. Try breathing exercises, Yoga and meditation. Or, if possible, see a professional who can help you deal with it.


We can help you deal with your stressed adrenals on a physical level with functional diagnostic tests.


Repairing your stressed-out adrenals will help you prepare for the new school year and provide you with some natural great immune system support.


Remember, stress happens. We can help you not get sick from stress!


3. Detox and stay ahead of the fall stress game.

And, last but not least, the toxicity issue in the summer. Did you know that babies conceived in the summer months have lower IQ levels? Do you know why? According to the studies of Dr.Paul Winchester, neonatologist at the Indiana University School of Medicine, babies that were conceived during the months of June, July and August have a lower IQ because there is an increased amount of pesticides being sprayed around our homes (our beautiful green fronts and back yards).


More than 1 billion pounds of pesticides is used in the US per year. The fetal brain develops from the time of conception, so it is crucial to keep women of a child bearing age detoxed before they plan their pregnancy. And if you are already pregnant, make sure you are taking a great quality multi-vitamin containing the right form of folate, a good and clean omega supplement and always eat right – healthy, that is.


What about men or women of non-child bearing years? They should be concerned with increased toxicity levels during these months. A Proper detox program that is individually designed for their particular needs is an ideal option for them and anyone else who is seeking a clean and detoxed system.


Here at Real Health Solutions, LLC we specialize in great detox programs, adrenal repair, immune system support, natural female hormone balancing, digestive cleansing and other chronic alignments.


If you are looking for guidance in achieving great health, you are the right place!


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