Natural Solutions for Crohns Disease

November 10th, 2013

Patient age 32 came in to our office with severe Crohns disease symptoms of diarrhea, stomach cramps, irregular periods, drowsiness and fatigue.


Chrons-Image-01She was unable to care for her two children since becoming very ill one year ago. The symptoms were debilitating and she couldn’t function or work. We looked at her full extensive history and reviewed dietary choices which included comfort food for uneasy stomach. The food consisted mostly of starchy carbohydrates and gluten.


Our patient went through periods of having no physical activity to doing vigorous exercise such as Zumba three times a week. Her job in health care was very demanding which included 13 hour shifts without breaks. She used to take antibiotics for chronic urinary tract infections, recurrent strep infections as well as pain medications (ex Advil, Motrin) for her migraine headaches, period pain and joint pain that she developed from having Crohns treatment and Crohns progression.


Initially, we made dietary recommendations. It was not an overnight improvement with her diet, as per most recent studies show, it may take a few weeks to see improvement with gluten, dairy and soy free diets. The patients needs to stick with it.


We also looked at her adrenals and were able to see where the problem started. She then started with adrenal and immune system support. Soothing stomach teas were recommended which were all based on the results received. The symptoms of fatigue and drowsiness started diminishing.


Our patient was able to do light exercise with improved energy level. We suggested Yoga and breathing exercises which resulted with positive direction of healing.


She also completed the digestive part of the testing and results showed some microbial overgrowth without signs of yeast overgrowth. A wellness plan was recommended for this particular bug for 2 months.


BioEnergy treatments were performed every two weeks for 2 month. The doctors were very pleased with the results and surprised of these natural solutions for Crohns disease. We suggested that her physician perform a vitamin D and B12 level test, both of which turned out to be low.


Chrons-Image-02(4 months later) she was about 2/3 complete with our wellness program. At this point we addressed the detoxification process with the urine test. The test looked better than expected as she was a very compliant patient. By listening to our recommendations and doing her own research, she was able to find a physician and gastroenterologist that collaborated with our treatment/wellness program. By being able to communicate the information to all of her health practitioners, I believe it was a great advantage in the timeline of her healing.


She was able to tolerate the detoxification program very well without the side effects. She felt great throughout the last part of our program. Her energy level was greatly improved that she decided to return to work part time.


The last step which was a very important one, was to address her hormones. A month long test was given and we were able to naturally balance her hormones. One of the reasons they were out of balanced was because of the digestive problems, which go hand in hand with hormones.

After the program was completed most of her symptoms were gone, including her headaches had greatly improved and were not as intense.


This was a great Crohns disease case as are many of our cases, and we are proud to have been a part of her Real Healing!


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