Back To School Stress No More


"Back to School" Family Health session(up to 4 family members)


Remember this Back to School Toxic check list:

1) What year was your school built?

2) How far is the nearest cornfield?

3) What cleaning products do your schools use?

4) What is your drinking water?

5)How sunny is your playground?


The answers to these questions will help you figure out the toxic load on your kid. Not to fear. There’s plenty you can do as a parent for your child and yourself.

It's that time of the year again - "back to school."  This is an extra stressful time for the super mom.  After-school activities, clubs and sports are back as well.  It's the drive me here, drive me there, drive me everywhere time of year that can drive you crazy.  You'll need all the energy you can sum up. 

If you haven't reset yourself from last year you may be in for a shock. 

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Safe Master Cleanse and Other Colon Cleansing Options

Safe Master Cleanse and Other Cleansing Options.

Constipation is a big problem, especially in the summer. You may be more dehydrated from the heat causing the colon loose the water.

Symptoms of constipation will present in inability to move bowels, gas, stomach pain, sometimes even nausea and vomiting. It's important to recognize symptoms of constipation early because chronic constipation can lead to serious secondary digestive conditions.

There are many kinds of foods that cause constipation in adults and children. Foods that cause constipation can be potatoes, chocolate, white bread, pasta and many more. Overeating any food and not chewing food enough can also make you more constipated.

Chronic constipation is an issue for so many people. One of the more serious concerns is that many people don’t even know they have chronic constipation thinking going to the bathroom twice a week is Ok. You need to go at least once to two times a day.

If you are familiar with Master Cleanse you may know how it’s done.

We are here to refresh you on the topic:

One of the most efficient homemade colon cleanses shared by an experienced naturopath on our other website is a Master Cleanse. Originally thought to be devoloped the 1940s, by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative health practitioner. In 1976, Burroughs presented this colon cleansing program in the book, The Master Cleanser. Takes 10-16 days.


IMG 3018


(single serving)

2 tbsp organic lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

2 tbsp organic maple syrup (grade B; not the commercial maple flavored syrup served on pancakes) – you can buy it in any health food store

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper powder

10 ounces filtered water


Mix all the ingredients together. Drink the liquid 5-8 times a day for at least 10 days.

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Summertime Health Tips

Summertime Health Tips:


Reduce or remove dehydrating coffee or tea

Do not overdo with just water, add electrolytes, to avoid electrolyte imbalance

Do not overdo with sugars, ice cream and even fruit

Do not forget alkaline drinks with lemon or apple cider vinegar 


Hydrate with mineral water

Hydrate with kambutcha for added probiotics and curbing appetite

Hydrate with homemade electrolytes

Use healthful oils in all your meals

Drink herbal teas

Oh Summertime, with it's delicious healthy fruits and other not so healthy and tempting sweets...

Everyone is excited about summertime.  Many decide to put their training, healthy eating habits and other healthy lifestyle choices on hold for the summer.

Those are wrong choices for many reasons:

During the summer we get bombarded with more chemicals than usual found in the soil, air, water and our food.  All the lawn chemicals, pesticides and bug repellents cause major havoc to our bodies. This is the time when our liver and detoxification systems need more support than ever. This kind of support includes healing amino acids, healing proteins, healing greens and lots of water intake.

In the summer people tend to cook less at home, preferring to go out more or to barbeque a lot. This choice will not only add unnecessary  calories, extra fat and possible carcinogens, but it will also deplete your body of vitamins and nutrients.

bigstock-Summer-salad-of-tomatoes-cucu-300pxWe have it all backwards:

Since there is more availability of fresh fruits, berries and greens, this time of year is intended for re-charging and replenishing our bodies with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Yes, we are meant to consume more of these powerful naturally good foods, but it seems to be just the opposite.

For example, I noticed a lot of children bringing snack bags with them to summer camps, but they contain different type of chips, cookies and candies that lack nutritional value; and they seem to be snacking on them all day.  Educating those kids on healthy eating is so essential.

Sugar content:

How much sugar can your child handle?

Infusing our family's with more and more sugar containing foods can easily get out of hand. It's very unnoticeable because we have cereal in the morning, cookies and juice for afternoon snacking, desert for dinner and maybe brownies and milk to end the day on a sweet note. This is definitely sugar overload.

Educating our children on healthy eating habits starts with us, grown ups, being a perfect role model for them by practicing what we preach.

Treat your body with respect and your children will learn to do the same.

Summertime Health Tips:

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Know Your Hormones. Live in Harmony!



Free Webinar

On Tuesday April 21:

Mothers/ Daughters, All Women Event to learn how hormones are now affected by today's environment. Learn simple tools to create your hormone balance. Inna Lukyanovsky, Registered pharmacist, Functional Medicine practitioner, founder of Real Health Solutions-wellness consulting practice- will talk about effects of adrenal fatigue, toxic environment, stressful lifestyles on the female hormones. Inna will also talk about importance of Functional Medicine approach where we look at the ROOT CAUSE of the problem rather than patching it.


Please, sign up here for this FREE webinar:

or call 800-557-8039 for more info.

Reasons for Fatigue.


It’s winter, it’s cold and you may be tired. You are certainly not alone. There are actually more than one possible reason for tiredness.

What are you doing to contribute to fatigue.

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