Reasons for Fatigue.


It’s winter, it’s cold and you may be tired. You are certainly not alone. There are actually more than one possible reason for tiredness.

What are you doing to contribute to fatigue.

Some reasons are obvious:



  • Drinking too much caffeine
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Eating too much sugar
  • Not moving enough


Some are not too obvious:

adrenal stress, and I don’t mean stress at work or relationship related stress. It could be environmental toxin stressors, dietary stress, unknown food intolerances, mold, allergens and other not such obvious stressors that cause adrenal health problems.


What can you do today?

Take 2 weeks to cut the sugar, drink pure, filtered water, drink warm water with lemon right after you wake up, take high quality multivitamin (we can help you choose a professional grade multi), cut back on caffeine and alcohol. And one more thing: reduce your commitments for 2 weeks, a must.


Two options after 2 weeks: 1) you are feeling so much better that you want to continue with this lifestyle OR 2) you need help and guidance to get rid of your fatigue. We are here to help. Functional medicine gets to the root cause of the problem.


These are common medical causes of fatigue: sleep disorders, diabetes, anemia, thyroid problems, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancers. If you have been diagnosed with these serious medical conditions you can certainly benefit from Functional medicine approach.


Are you Ready to Increase Your Energy and Feel Great?

You can definitely do that with lifestyle changes, clean eating, clean drinking, no alcohol or caffeine. You can do meditation and deep breathing techniques.

I happen to believe in Buteyko Method:



If you find yourself feeling too stressed for short period of time, you would probably recuperate quickly and your adrenals won’t be much affected. But if you chronically affected by stress you can get sick, really sick. Address the situation as if it’s happening to someone else and think how you would help that person. Now, you are that person that is overstressed, and you know precisely how to help yourself.


Some suggestions from us:

You can use EFT for feeling stressed out. It works really well, especially if you are consistent with it. I highly recommend this EFT practitioner, but you can always choose your own:



We recommend different options for each individual case. That’s always best since we know your test results and can address your hormone related issues.


If you can’t find the time, we offer consultations on the phone or Skype and then send you the test kits and/or supplements.


If you still can’t find the time in your busy schedule, you are way too busy and probably already have adrenal fatigue.


These are the most important things you can do for now:

Take a great quality multivitamin like this one (it has omega supplement, multivitamin, vitamin d, calcium and magnesium).


It’s very important to support adrenal health, if you have adrenal fatigue.

And remember to cleanse your gut.


Knowing the reasons for fatigue is important, but it’s even better to get rid of it.

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