Safe Master Cleanse and Other Colon Cleansing Options

Safe Master Cleanse and Other Cleansing Options.

Constipation is a big problem, especially in the summer. You may be more dehydrated from the heat causing the colon loose the water.

Symptoms of constipation will present in inability to move bowels, gas, stomach pain, sometimes even nausea and vomiting. It's important to recognize symptoms of constipation early because chronic constipation can lead to serious secondary digestive conditions.

There are many kinds of foods that cause constipation in adults and children. Foods that cause constipation can be potatoes, chocolate, white bread, pasta and many more. Overeating any food and not chewing food enough can also make you more constipated.

Chronic constipation is an issue for so many people. One of the more serious concerns is that many people don’t even know they have chronic constipation thinking going to the bathroom twice a week is Ok. You need to go at least once to two times a day.

If you are familiar with Master Cleanse you may know how it’s done.

We are here to refresh you on the topic:

One of the most efficient homemade colon cleanses shared by an experienced naturopath on our other website is a Master Cleanse. Originally thought to be devoloped the 1940s, by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative health practitioner. In 1976, Burroughs presented this colon cleansing program in the book, The Master Cleanser. Takes 10-16 days.


IMG 3018


(single serving)

2 tbsp organic lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

2 tbsp organic maple syrup (grade B; not the commercial maple flavored syrup served on pancakes) – you can buy it in any health food store

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper powder

10 ounces filtered water


Mix all the ingredients together. Drink the liquid 5-8 times a day for at least 10 days.

Other Options for Safe Colon Cleanses:

-You can occasionally do juice cleansing days, where you only drink juices. This in return would let the digestive system relax and as a result you can get improved peristalsis.

-You can do some colon cleanses with essential oils, using peppermint, lemon and honey.

-You can do oil pulling as a very gentle cleanse:

Two ways:

1) fill your mouth with olive oil liquid and hold it there for a couple of minutes before swirling it around the mouth and spitting it out. The process shouldn't exceed more than three or four minutes; it's repeated at least two or three times weekly.

Or 2)for those that feel nauseous try holding coconut or extra virgin olive oil still in the mouth for three to five minutes. The liquid is then spit out.

Some love cleansing with flax mill, and the process is:

Clean your colon in 21 days with Flax Mill

In place of your morning meal eat this mixture for 3 weeks:

1 week: 1 tablespoon of freshly milled flax seeds and 100 ml of cultured coconut milk

2 weeks: 2 tablespoons of freshly milled flax seeds and 100 ml of cultured coconut milk

3 weeks: 3 tablespoons of freshly milled flax seeds and 150 ml of cultured coconut milk

Make a new portion of milled flax seeds every morning. This will prevent it from going bad and it will keep more nutrients when freshly milled.

Remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

All these are great gentle options to try helping you moving the bowels, but please remember constipation may have a deeper root cause that needs to be analyzed. Functional medicine gets to the root cause and helps eliminate it. You want the most effective approach to your health problem. Functional medicine gets you answers. Here at Real Health Solutions, LLC we are very experienced, knowledgeable and ready to help you.

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