Spring Cleaning For Your Immune System Q/A

The temperature is rising and our energy should be through the roof. Is that the case for you?

If it’s not the case, let’s fix it.

I’m going to go over some questions I received in the past few weeks.


I’ve noticed my hair is dull and it seems that I lose more hair than usual. Where should I start?


-The very first thing I would pay attention here is digestion and absorption of the food. Even if you don’t have the digestive symptoms you may very well have a digestive disruption, especially when seasons change. Start with paying attention to what foods can be affecting your digestion. If you can eliminate major offenders like soy, wheat, dairy, egg and corn for 23 days it can make an amazing impact. It will show you how grateful your gut is.



Give it a chance to anti-inflame. Re-start one by one slowly to see if you are now reacting to certain foods. Once you establish your sensitivities you are already one big step into your healing. And you may now be able to absorb foods better actually take in those necessary nutrients into the system for better hair growth and hormone balancing. That’s a very good start. And as always I explain that it is important to have a very individual program for more complicated health issues.



What are the most important vitamins, foods and nutrients to focus now that the spring is here? Is that the only way to keep the immune system in great shape?


-First and most important I would like to say that eating various foods would be your perfect start. When you are eating the same foods you are more susceptible to develop intolerance to the same food. The more you rotate the foods the less chance to develop food intolerances. Ideally, you can go with 4 day rotation diet where for 4 full days you eat all different foods and only can come back to the same food after the four days. If you going need more guidance or would like to see a sample of a 4 day rotation diet just contact us and we will send you a copy.

Also, what is even more important is to keep that post winter inflammation down to be able to absorb the nutrients, vitamins and food and to get their benefit. Because no matter how expensive and organic your food is if you happen to be inflamed you cannot absorb much of goodness form it. Keeping your adrenals balanced keep inflammation way down so keep in mind that your adrenal hormones are responsible for good digestion too. If you need a copy of adrenal health questionnaire, please download it here:


If you really want a strong immune system you also need to focus on detoxification process that involves some steps we will talk about in the next segments. For the meantime you definitely need to start working on keeping regular and eliminate properly.

Until the next time.

In Great Health,

RHS Team




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