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January 17, 2014

Real Health Solutions had a 15 year old patient who came in with serious stomach pain (pain level of 8 on the scale 0-10) It was the type of pain that gets worse after meals and when moving or sitting. Parents were very concerned our patient was missing a lot of school and the family relationship was strained as a result of the symptoms. This was going on for two months.



Some other symptoms included heartburn, diarrhea, fatigue, mood changes, loss of concentration, gas, bloating, belching, occasional fever and some weight loss.


Parents took the patient to see gastroenterologist who recommended a SSRI type of medication to ease the stomach cramps after a series of tests that included colonoscopy and gastroscopy. The results of all medical testings were inconclusive.


Parents chose to wait filling the prescription, because of side effects concerns and started with dairy free diet without much change. Parents were also very concerned about their teenager's health.


After coming in to our center the patient was recommended gluten free diet for 60 days as a gluten intolerance was suspected. Also, adrenal fatigue and gastrointestinal flora problems were suspected.


The healing started on this teen after receiving the results of the adrenal test, with adrenal support such as, vit C with bioflavonoids, multivitamins with blood sugar support and an anti-inflammatory program. Also, 4 Day BioEnergy Sessions were started right away, concentrating on gut healing, emotional balance and immune system support.


After receiving the result of a stool test, we started an anti-parasite and anti-fungal program for the total of 60 more days.


The 3 Week Follow-Up Appointment showed the patient was improving and getting some energy back. 4 Day BioEnergy Sessions were completed with great immediate results improving mood, stomach pain and energy level.


Patient’s parents were very pleased that their child was able to start studying again and that the program had more natural approach.  


The 6 Week Follow-Up Appointment included patient expressing feeling much better. Pain on the level of 4 (0-10 scale). Heartburn symptoms were improving. Patient was recommended to continue adrenal and anti-inflammatory protocol for an additional 3 weeks. 4 day BioEnergy Sessions were added, again concentrating on gut healing, emotional balance and immune system support.


At our 3 Month Follow-Up Appointment, patient reports stomach pain/cramps are gone. The energy level was much better. No more heartburn. Concentration was completely back!


The detoxification program was started for the last 2 months of the wellness program with gut healing herbals, probiotics, liver support, anti-inflammatories and liquid multi-vitamins.


Finally our 6 Month Follow-Up Appointment showed that our patient was able to enjoy school life as well as being able to concentrate during classes. Energy levels were great. Bowel movements are normal and well-formed. Patient was recommended to stop all the protocols but only remain on liquid multivitamins (100 percent carbon-bond, organic).


The adrenals were re-tested and the results were conclusive there was great improvement.


Parents were very excited to get their kid back! Also, the parents decided to go with our wellness program as well. Both of them had the same gut infection (after testing their stool with our incredible functional diagnostic labs) and both are now following a similar wellness protocol and detoxification program with really great results.


A teenager's health is so important and often overlooked. The best investment you can do for your teens is nourish their bodies with natural, healthy nutrition and possibly even supplement with quality nutraceuticals!


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