The To Do and Not To Do LIST for Wellness in 2015

Here comes the New Year 2015! (No Diets. I promise!)



The great news is that Functional medicine is becoming mainstream.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge and case studies, so you too can benefit from the programs that our experienced Functional medicine practitioners can customize for you.


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Most people make some kind of New Year’s resolution and some studies say it’s mostly about losing weight.


I am here to make a few recommendations, and it’s not about some crazy diets to lose weight in a few days. I believe in a safe and healthy approach to weight loss.


So here are some to do and not to do things to follow when creating your New Year’s resolution.




1) No “Lose Weight Fast” Diets.

  • Crazy diets produce water weight loss and you gain those pounds right back.  


2) No “Eat This to Lose Pounds”

  • Eating the same food increases your chances of food sensitivity to that food. Avoid eating the same foods.


3) No “If you exercise hard, you can eat anything”

  • This defeats the whole wellness purpose. Eating junk will make you toxic and exercising will not be able to do its job to detox that junk out.


4) No “Skipping Meals”

  • Skipping Meals causes severe blood sugar dips. Although some health and wellness practitioners recommend fasting for 12-16 hours, I say it depends on the individual. If there’s’ a serious blood sugar instability you should not be fasting until it is corrected.


5) Don’t Overlook Flu prevention

  • Now that this year’s flu vaccine is officially ineffective, invest in preventing the flu. Catching the flu can throw you off for the entire winter season, so take some preventative measures to stay healthy and flu free.  We can make this simple for you because we are fully stocked with flu preventative natural and homeopathic supplements along with effective holistic recommendations that are easy to follow and effective.


Wellness Goals - The TO DO List


1) Hydrate with great quality water. 

  • Invest in a good water filtration system or use other sources of clean, pure water.  Water helps to flush out your system and get rid of the toxins.


2) Find a daily outlet.

  • Whatever works for you: meditation, praying, breathing or your own methods to truly relax? Spend at least 15 to 30 minutes a day in that state of peace and harmony.


3) If your schedule is pretty busy and you have more stress than you can handle, consider professional grade adrenal support, or better yet, schedule an appointment with us.  We are professionals that have the experience and a great track record in bringing our patient’s adrenals back to normal levels. 


4) Boost your Immune system.  

  • When you improve your immune system response you don’t just prevent catching the cold and flu, you’re also improving your digestive system, quality of your skin and strengthening other organs of your body.
  • Natural flu prevention options we offer for you are science based and very effective."


5) Make sure your diet is as close to anti-inflammatory as possible. This will decrease inflammation and will prevent food cravings.


We wish you to stay Happy and Healthy in the New 2015 Year!

We are grateful that you chose us to be your natural health experts!




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