Easy Body Detox
Why do YOU need Lymphatic Cleansing?

Over the past 80 years more than 70,000 industrial chemicals have been created and are now part of our environment. These toxins are found in our air, food and water. Add other toxins to the mix — alcohol, medications, excess coffee and smoking — and now you can understand why we are unwell, sluggish, sleepless, depressed, have low energy and are overweight.

bigstock-Cucumber-water-400Then, from the beginning of spring, throughout summer time and fall, we get bombarded with more chemicals than usual, such as pesticides, herbicides and bug spray repellants.

Of course, why wouldn't we want beautiful green lawns and avoid being bitten by insects?

But, those benefits have a hefty price tag — damage to our health.

And then, our crazy life style contributes even more damage to our health with lack of sleep, exercise, poor diet and bad habits — these also negatively affect our lymphatic system.

No matter how clean you try to live, it's really impossible to escape exposure to some sort of toxin.

We are lucky because we are equipped with a standard feature that helps us clear all the bad stuff from our bodies —our lymphatic system; it's wonderful and this is what it does:

  • The lymphatic system aids the immune system in removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins, and cancer cells.
  • The lymphatic system absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and delivers these nutrients to the cells of the body where they are used by the cells.
  • The lymphatic system also removes excess fluid, and waste products from the interstitial spaces between the cells.

But our lymphatic system can be overwhelmed and become sluggish.

Have you ever wondered why you're so tired, have allergies, are constantly catching colds or have different chronic conditions?

It may be because your Lymphatic System is stagnant or sluggish.

The lymphatic system is a detoxification system and is responsible for clearing toxins that cause diseases.

Some clues that you may have a compromised lymph system is pain in under arm area, groin area, behind ears or neck area.

A common symptom that most people have experienced is swollen glands during a viral or bacterial infection.

Some common effects of a compromised lymphatic system are allergies, sinus infection, low immune system response, being prone to getting infections, fatigue and lymphedema. In extreme situations there may be tumor growth or cancer.


Have no fear. There is something you can do — it's called lymphatic drainage with the use of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET). This helps restore good lymphatic system flow to prevent blockage or stagnation. This is what will keep your lymphatic system at it's optimal performance and help your body flush out toxins to keep you healthy and feeling great.

Applications for improved Lymphatic Drainage:

Immune System
Seasonal Allergies
Crohn's & Colitis
Digestive Problems
Supports Detoxification Therapies
Pain: Chronic, Acute
Pre & Post Operative Care
Supports Oncology
Stress Relief

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